Title Probationary Firefighter
Division Operations
Position Type Volunteer w/ Call Stipend
Job Information

The Peoria Heights Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of life and property of all persons who live, work, visit, or travel through the Village of Peoria Heights. We accomplish this mission by providing professional service delivery in fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention and education, fire investigations, and emergency medical services. We maintain a high standard of training and education, act and perform in a safe, courteous, and professional manner, sustain and reinforce a strong bond with our community, provide the highest level of customer service and interact professionally with surrounding area departments. As members of this department, we have chosen to be part of a team that takes pride in this mission through dedication and integrity.

The Peoria Heights Fire Department was originally chartered in 1917 to provide fire suppression services for the village. Over the years, the fire department has grown to now provide fire suppression response, fire prevention education, technical rescue response (vehicle accidents, elevator rescues), and emergency medical services to all citizens within the Village of Peoria Heights. The department runs approximately 850 calls per year, which on average equates to approximately 2.3 calls per day. It takes a large amount of dedicated personnel to answer those calls, and we are continually recruiting new members in order to ensure that we have adequate staffing that best protects the village.

New members enter the department on a probationary status, which lasts a minimum of 6 months. During this time, probationary firefighters are introduced to every facet of the fire department. An extensive training program gives the probationary member the skills needed to function as a full member of the fire department. Training includes radio communications, structural firefighting tactics, fire apparatus engineering and operation, auto extrication, rescue operations, first responder medical training, and many other topics. All members are required to attend at least 12 monthly drills and respond to a minimum of 25% of calls during the calendar year. Veteran members assess the attitude, personality, and skills of the probationary member during all phases of training and probation. After a minimum of 6 months, the supervisory staff of the department views the progress of the probationary member and decides whether to promote that member to the position of Firefighter, extend his/her probation, or recommend removal from the department.

Your probationary period will require a major commitment in time and effort. Initially, you will be performing a limited amount of duties on the fireground and may not be responding on first-out apparatus. As time goes on and your knowledge grows, these restrictions will slowly be lifted. While this period is difficult and sometimes boring, the department is looking hard at the intensity of your commitment. You will be a part of a team of highly trained individuals that depend on each other. You will be providing a service to the community that few people are prepared to undertake. You could make a real difference in people’s lives. You will know that you are doing something that really matters.

Requirements for Membership

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age by date of hire and possess either a high school diploma or GED.
  2. Must live within 2.5 miles one of the two fire stations in Peoria Heights.
    • Fire Station 1 is located at 4901 North Prospect Road in Peoria Heights.
    • Fire Station 2 is located at 1633 East Gardner Lane in Peoria Heights.
    • Special consideration may be given to those that live beyond the 2.5-mile limit. Please call and speak with a member of the Membership Committee before applying if you live outside this limit.
  3. Must be able to pass a physical, drug screening, and criminal background screening as well as an oral interview.
  4. Must be willing to devote time to assist the public in various capacities, including responding to emergency incidents that may involve environments that have an immediate danger to life and health.
  5. Must be willing to devote time to training, public education, and other department-sponsored events to better prepare you and the fire department for emergency incidents.

If you would prefer to fill out a written application, it can be found here.

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